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GIMMOS. S.L. is a repository of human and technical resources. Exercising its activity in the Industrial sector since the year 2007.

GIMMOS. S.L. has a new office equipped with the most modern facilities, placed at the service of a human team whose main objective is to satisfy the customer.

GIMMOS, S.L. was born in the year 2007 counting on the professional experience of his previous experience in the realization of projects within the industry both nationally and internationally.
Starting a work that continues to this day in our new installations at Cadiz and Huelva.
With its directive base and a workforce of workers, with reinforced pillars of experience, and Repair in the sector.

Due to the good doing and the quality of the work done by US, there is a link between our clients BASED ON THE TRUST OF THE MANAGEMENT and THE RESULTS OBTAINED. All of this entails constant growth. Always offering the best product and at the best price, marking our goal towards a future development at high levels and in the cooperation with our clients, with whom we collaborate.
We are supported by our works and works as an exponent of the capacity of development, execution and commitment with our clients.